Laurin Huber: July 8, 1961–May 10, 2018

Melba Laurin Huber was born July 8, 1961 in McAllen. She was preceded in death by her father Jim Huber and grandmother Melba H. Stewart. She is survived by her mother Melba Huber and brothers Carey Kinsolving and Keith Kinsolving.

As a child and teen, Laurin Huber studied dance and gymnastics at Melba’s Dance. Huber was the first class-one gymnast in South Texas. This skill gave her a big advantage in cheerleading. Huber was a cheerleader from elementary school through high school, where she became head cheerleader. In her senior year, she was elected football sweetheart.

Upon graduation from McAllen High School in 1979, she received a dance scholarship from Jo Jo’s Dance Factory in New York City, which her mother considered to be the top dance school in New York.

In addition to dance, Huber studied art, piano and voice. In spite of all these accomplishments at such a young age, her most lasting legacy occurred when she was five years old. She attended vacation Bible school at Grace Community Church in Pharr. She came home singing Ephesians 2:8-9: “For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, not of works, lest anyone should boast.” Huber trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as her savior and received the gift of eternal life.

In 1980, Huber returned to McAllen from NYC because she was homesick. She registered at Pan Am, but her education ended when she suffered a severe head injury as a passenger in a car that hit a tree. Most physicians gave her only a few years to live. Her grandmother and mother supervised 24/7 nursing care in their homes since 1980.

A celebration of her life is being planned for June. Details to follow at

SO grateful to all of Laurin’s friends and supporters. If you visited her, participated in a fundraiser for her, supported her, prayed for her, thought of her… you are all Laurin’s Angels.

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The Monitor (front page) May 11, 2018




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  1. Ofelia C Parker says:

    Hi Lisa, I hope this e-mail finds you well. We don’t know each other yet, hope to meet you one day. My heart if very heavy with sadness after learning of the passing of my dearest, beloved friend Laurin. We met at Lamar Jr High (7th grade) McAllen, TX. We were also cheerleaders together in 9th and 10th grade. I also danced with her at Melba’s all through High School. Since 1980 after the accident happened, myself, my husband Mark and my sister Socorro have always tried to visit Laurin, Melba and Nana. We moved from McAllen back in 2000 and when ever we were in McAllen visiting my family we always made time to go by and chat a bit and get to catch up with Laurin and Melba. I have such fond memories of Laurin and I dancing, riding bikes, bowling, gymnastics, jumping on the trampoline, the diner at Klincks Drug Store, Baskin Robins Ice cream store, her giant great Dane dog Zon, 1500 Hibiscus always had so much love for me and wonderful times. Laurin and I used to like to bring a loaf of white bread, some margerine and sugar, mix up the margerine and sugar together and slather it on white bread, we would stay up until all hours of the night and eat that and don’t forget the coke classics then we would bounce off the walls. Such wonderful memories. All the Melba’s have always been such an inspiration to me, when I thought I couldn’t do something….I would think of the three Melba’s and they gave the push I needed to get the job done. I hope this give you some insight into our relationship. Take care Lisa and hope to meet you one day. Your friend, Ofie C. (Franco) Parker

    • Lisa Kinsolving says:

      Thank you so much for taking time to write to me, Ofie. I’ve been Laurin’s sister-in-law since 2005 (married to her brother Carey). I’m glad to hear from you! Do you mind if I pass your message along to Melba? I’m sure it would be cheering and encouraging to her to hear from you.

      • Ofelia C Parker says:

        Dear Lisa, Good to hear from you too!! Of course I would not mind one bit if you forward this message to Melba. I have written to Melba already as well but she may be overwhelmed with e-mail and phone calls etc….I apologize for not responding sooner, I wasn’t sure how to but I figured it out on the comments. Once again, thank you Lisa for staying in touch. Take care. Your friend, Ofie (Franco) Parker