Ballerina Balm: The Launching of a Labor of Love for Laurin

Five-year-old Cindy Holland found her first friend in the world at 1500 Hibiscus Street in McAllen. Laurin Huber lived only two doors down from her. They jumped on the trampoline together, played with Barbie dolls, rode their bikes to Dairy Queen and danced at Melba’s Dance School.

Because Laurin was a year older, Cindy always looked up to her. More than 47 years later, Laurin is now looking up to Cindy from the bed where she receives 24/7 nursing to stay alive. In 1980, Laurin’s life changed forever when she almost died in a car wreck that has left her helpless to do anything for herself.

Until recently, the last time Cindy saw Laurin was in high school. Like most news these days, Cindy learned through Facebook about the We Love Laurin Special Needs Trust. She wanted to visit Laurin but was a little hesitant. When Lupe Enriquez posted about a reunion party to visit with Laurin, Cindy knew she couldn’t stay away any longer and drove straight to McAllen from San Antonio.

Laurin is reunited with her childhood friend Cindy.

Laurin is reunited with her childhood friend Cindy.

“When I saw Laurin for the first time, I didn’t feel sad like I thought I would,” said Cindy. “I felt blessed to be able to spend time with her. All the little annoyances and problems of my life felt so insignificant. Visiting Laurin brings me joy and puts things in perspective for me.”

Shortly thereafter, Cindy had a poignant idea to help her childhood friend and dance buddy. She and her daughter Andrea have dedicated 10% of the Ballerina Balm sales nationwide to the We Love Laurin Special Needs Trust as a way to help with the tremendous expense of her care. “I remember what an amazing dancer and tumbler Laurin was,” said Cindy. “I felt this was a good way that we could help with her support.”

Ballerina Balm is designed specifically to soothe the soreness and aches of dancers’ feet. The average ballerina exerts 220 psi of pressure on her feet when dancing en pointe.

10% of Sales to be Given to the We Love Laurin Special Needs Trust

10% of Sales Will be Given to the We Love Laurin Special Needs Trust, which helps to cover Laurin’s medical expenses.

“One of the main ingredients in the secret formula is peppermint, which is so rejuvenating,” said Cindy. “In the McAllen area, Ballerina Balm will be available exclusively at Melba’s Dance School.”

Ballerina Balm is part of the new Chalet Cosmetic line that Cindy and her daughter are launching nationally. Cindy grew up in the cosmetic industry. Sue Holland, her mother, owned and operated Merle Norman stores in La Plaza Mall, Edinburg, Pharr and Weslaco.

A limited number of stage makeup kits will be available for purchase at Melba’s Dance School, along with Chalet Cosmetics’ oil-absorbing pumpkin powder, cleansers, toners and moisturizers that are available exclusively at Melba’s Dance School, located at 2100 N. 10th Street in McAllen, Texas.


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If YOU have a fundraising idea you’d like to try, please let us know.

If you can give towards Laurin’s medical expenses, please make your check payable to “We Love Laurin Special Needs Trust” (this is for gift checks outside of the ad program described under Laurin’s Angels; ad program checks should be payable to “Melba’s”) and mail it to 605 N. McColl Circle, McAllen, TX 78501. You may also drop your gift checks at Melba’s Dance School during business hours.

If you’d prefer to give online, please use the “Donate” button below.

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