Christmas Concert Singers Give Private Performance for Laurin

On December 20, 2015, a loving ensemble of local musicians gathered to perform a benefit Christmas concert for Laurin at South Padre Island. Most of them had never met Laurin, who is mostly confined to home and was unable to attend the concert. So they decided to do something about it. One week after the concert, several of the vocalists made the drive from the coast all the way to McAllen to visit with Laurin and share some of the concert music with her.


For Laurin, having visitors is her absolute favorite thing. If they sing for her, that’s even better! She remained very alert, eyes wide open, taking it all in as the singers introduced themselves and then gathered around the piano for an informal concert just for her. To Laurin’s apparent surprise, her sister-in-law Lisa provided some accompaniment on the freshly-tuned baby grand piano. They shared several of the songs from the recent concert at the Island, as well as previous years’ concerts. It ended up as a Christmas carol sing-along, with many rich harmonies.


What a joyous time of praising God for sending us the greatest gift of all: His Son, Jesus Christ, who left Heaven to become a helpless Baby and live a human life here on Earth. We celebrated the pure grace of this gift: God’s provision to pay for all of our sins so that we could ultimately spend eternity with Him.

Laurin was so blessed by this visit. She has been a bit depressed since her 106-year-old grandmother passed away just a couple weeks before in the same room. All the music seemed to lift her spirits. She definitely perked up and appeared to be getting into the Christmas spirit.

The visitors were also blessed to meet Laurin. Many people don’t understand how to relate to someone in her condition. Until they just do it.

The Lord provides. Merry Christmas!



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