Laurin’s 2013 Financial Accounting

2013 Guardian’s Annual Account

2014-02-25 Order Approving 2013 Annual Accounting

After 34 years of careful spending of Laurin’s insurance money, the money finally ran out in the Summer of 2015. Most people have no idea of the extreme cost to care for a person in Laurin’s condition. Caregivers cost about $7,000 a month. Other expenses include feeding, meds, supplies and upkeep of her medical equipment, which does not even include any home expenses. I estimate that I have gone through $3.5 million for her care.

I am so worried that I will have to drain my Melba’s money each month and will not be able to keep it up as the world class studio that it is. Maintenance for Melba’s is huge with a building of this size. I want to be able to keep it up for the future generations of dancers. So any contribution to help care for Laurin is indeed a gift to Melba’s longevity.


The special needs trust has been set up to receive gifts so that they will not interfere with her Medicaid eligibility. The account is being managed by Gary Lenz, a CPA.


Gifts may be dropped off at Melba’s or sent to the address on her website: Gifts may be given online through PayPal as a one-time or monthly contribution. Please consider the monthly option, as Laurin’s needs are ongoing. No gifts are too small. Please be sure to spell Laurin with an “i”.


More information is on the website, including her financial disclosure and detailed information with photos. If anyone wants to do fundraisers, we welcome any help.


With appreciation and love,